Home Use Vascular Blood Flow Detector, Blood Velocity Waveform Scander Color

Home Use Vascular Blood Flow Detector, Blood Velocity Waveform Scander Color

Model No.︰BV-520

Brand Name︰BEATMAN

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 280 / pc

Minimum Order︰5 pc

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Product Description

CE Approved Vascular Doppler

Vein Flow Detector

Arterial Flow Monitor

Ø  The device is a kind of instrumentation offering blood stream and amplitude. Which is a kind of advanced dromometer applied to detect the blood flow rate of artery/vein blood vessel, or other parts of body’s vein anatomies operation. It is a kind of favorable assistant detecting instruments for health-care workers .

Ø  The device displays the signal intensity of Doppler blood velocity.

Ø  The device offeres two kinds of power supply: built-in Li-ion battery and adaptive AC adapter, which can work under mains supply while charging battery, and after full charge, it can supply electricity by built-in rechargeable batteries.



Ø  Water-proof degree :

Common device, without function of water-proof.

Security degree of combustible gas: not suitable to be used in combustible gas.

Ø   Working mode: continuous work.

Ø  Frequency range:Main unit:200±80~5000±1000HZ


External output:loudspeaker

Emissive waveform: sine wave.

Ø  Ultrasonic frequency:8.0MHz±10%.

Ø  Ultrasonic frequency average intensity:≤50mW/cm2

Ø  Test error:≤20%(relative error)

Ø  Overall sensitivity:> 100dB

Ø  Display mode: 20 bit bar LED to display the strength of blood velocity signal .

Ø  Power supply mode:DC

Ø  Power consumption:<20W; Buil-in LI-ION rechargeable batteries

Ø  Power indicator:blue LED indication

Ø  Charging indicator:orange for charging; green for full charge

Ø  Consistent working time: ≥8h

Ø  Ourter dimension:70*130*40 (mm)

Ø  Net weight:250 g

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