best selling products Medical fluid/blood infusion warmer BFW-1020

best selling products Medical fluid/blood infusion warmer BFW-1020

Model No.︰BFW-1020

Brand Name︰BESTMAN

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description


Temperature controlling technology:

Adopt intellectual microcomputer controlling technology, quickly warm up device with high capacity,control the temperature accurately in the predeterature,and own intellectual detection,safe and reliable.


Large TFT LCD display:

Real-time liquid temperature,set temperature,room temperature,dropping speed (10-300 drips/min),warming time,alarm indication,electricity on or off indication,liquid exist or not indication.


Warming mode:

Mode 1: Below 200 ml/min

Mode 2: 200-500ml/min

Mode 3: 500-1500ml/min

Mode 4: 1500-3000ml/min

Mode 5: 3000-5000ml/min

Mode 6: Above 10000ml/min


Security Features:

Low temperature alarm: After working five minutes with the set temperature,if the warming plate’s temperature is lower than the set temperature,the alarm lights flashes with the regular alarm sound,showing the alarm information ( CAN’T BE HEATED ).


High temperature alarm: When the liquid temperature is higher than the limit temperature,the alarm is triggered,at this time,high temperature warning lights are on with alarm sound.Showing the information ( OVERHEAT-LIQUID ).The apparatus will automatically stop warming.


Infrared detection: Sound alarm of finishing infusion.

                                     RS-232 port for computer control centre.



Power supply: AC 220V±10%  50Hz±1Hz

                             110V±10%  60Hz±1Hz  

                        Power: ≤ 300W


Temperature range: 28℃-36℃ (Increasing by 0.1℃) ± 0.5℃

                                 82-87 (Increasing by 0.2)±1℉


Outer dimension: 190mm x 260mm x 150mm


Weight: 2.5kg


Waterproof and dustproof class: lp64

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