Baby and Adults Thermometer with Fever Alarm, LCD Display and Memory Function

Baby and Adults Thermometer with Fever Alarm, LCD Display and Memory Function

Model No.︰BFT-866

Brand Name︰BEATMAN

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 10 / pc

Minimum Order︰15 pc

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Product Description

Technical parameters

Product Name Medical infrared thermometer
Product Model BFT-866
Measurement unit ℃/℉
Measuring part Forehead (standard)
Display resolution 0.1 ℃/℉
Measuring range 32.0℃~42.5℃ (89.6℉~108.5℉)
Maximum allowable error 35.0℃~42.0℃ range: ±0.2℃ (±0.4℉)
Outside the range of 35.0℃~42.0℃:±0.3℃(±0.6℉)
Operating environment Temperature: 16℃~35℃ Relative humidity: ≤85% Atmospheric pressure: 70KPa~106KPa
Packaging and storage environment Temperature: -20℃~55℃ Relative humidity: ≤93% Atmospheric pressure: 50KPa~106KPa
Number of memory groups 32 groups
Dimensions 157mm(L)*95.30mm(W)*38.5mm(H)
Weight 105g (without battery)
Power supply DC:3V 2 AA batteries
Safety classification B type equipment
Service life 3 years

Special Features

In order to obtain stable and reliable measurement data, the infrared thermometer should be placed in the same environment for 15 to 20 minutes before use when the environment changes.
- The temperature measured will vary due to differences in human skin or the part of the body being tested. The reason for this is that the more exposed parts are, the more they are affected by the ambient temperature.
- Please do not expose this product to the sun or near a fireplace, let alone to water.
- Please do not use it after strenuous exercise or abnormal condition. (For example: when swimming, bathing, under the influence of the outside world)
- When continuous repeated measurements, please remove the probe between each measurement and intermittent rest for 5 seconds before the next measurement.


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